Universal Wrench Rack – 3500


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An Organized System for Storing Wrenches – Standard or Metric

  • Tough polypropylene rack holds 13 wrenches firmly with its Patented gripping system and comes with two sets of peel-off numbers: One in Metric sizes 6mm through 20mm and the other in SAE sizes 1/8″ through 1″.
  • Wrench racks can be customized by combining Metric and SAE sizes.
  • Spring tabs can also be trimmed to custom fit extra thick wrenches.
  • Shows at a glance when a wrench is missing and offers instant selection of the right size wrench.
  • Size:  6 1/4″ x 1 3/8″ x 12 3/4″
  • SKU:  3500

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Weight.25 lbs